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  • Posted in: CoSN Community

    After moving aggressively to the cloud (ERP, SIS, Hosted data center, and many SaaS apps) I can say with confidence the #1 skill CIOs need is courage, closely followed by change management.   It is inevitable that the move to the cloud will continue and ...

  • Posted in: CoSN Community

    I think working with your current IT dept is key. Some will see it as a threat or as a possible job loss coming for them. Transitioning them to a situation where your devices auto update themselves and required little IT intervention may scare them. ...

  • Posted in: CoSN Community

    Keith makes an excellent point.  Our system admins and network admins sometimes get caught up with hardware.  It does require a sit down with them to discuss that there is really no difference between using equipment in the cloud and equipment in our ...

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