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  • Posted in: CoSN Community

    We currently use Raptor as our school visitor management system, but we are in the process of evaluating options/vendors. What system do you currently use to manage your school visitors and whether you have any positive or negative feedback about such ...

  • Posted in: CoSN Community

    Greetings: ​Up until recently we were using our on-premise Fortinet appliances to content filter, but we decided we needed a more robust and comprehensive solution especially for our devices that go offsite of our campuses. We looked SaaS  Securly  last ...

  • Posted in: CoSN Community

    We have been using Fortinet (Fortiguard) on-premise for 4 years and this month we are adding FortiClient for our VILS iPads and loaner devices that go home.  Until an issue that popped up two weeks ago (due to a bad/mis-configuration) we have had no issues ...

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