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  • Posted in: CoSN Community

    We have used SecureWorks for our PEN testing and assessment of our environment. They did an excellent job including finding a vulnerability in our parent/student payment process when the vendor had been certified as safe by their PEN testing company a ...

  • Posted in: CoSN Community

    We completed a security audit that definitely hit on items 2 and 3 last year, using CDW-G. Initial work was done off-site, and then the contractor came on site. Findings were documented thoroughly and he's been great with follow-up questions, etc. ------------------------------ ...

  • Posted in: CoSN Community

    We restrict who has access to export video. This helps to ensure a clear separation between our law enforcement unit records and FERPA records and ensure proper chain of custody for legal cases (as well as prevents video from ending up in the wrong hands). ...

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