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  • Posted in: CoSN Community

    This summer we are going to be refreshing our faculty laptop fleet and would like to offer a handful of the faculty the opportunity to purchase their four year old laptop from the school (already been down the pros/cons of that decision).  I would like ...

  • Posted in: CoSN Community

    There were mentions in several sessions that presentations would be posted online but I don't recall ever seeing details. Are the CoSN 2017 presentations posted anywhere? Thanks Jim Siegl ------------------------------ Jim Siegl Architect Fairfax County ...

  • Posted in: CoSN Community

    It's a really simple answer, but my favorite thing about working at a nonprofit is the people.  Everyone is very passionate about the cause, and we're all working together for a common good.  It's an overwhelmingly positive space to be in. ------------------------------ ...

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